Tattoo Series Lighter Leash - CASE OF 240

Tattoo Series Lighter Leash - CASE OF 240


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The "Tattoo Series" from Lighter Leash® offers 5 full-color designs on a larger inset face, featuring iconic graphics inherit to tattoo, biker, and hardcore culture. The Lighter Leash® is made to accommodate a standard size Bic® lighter or similar size lighter (such as Clipper® and Winlite®). The carabiner clip fastens securely to the wearer's belt loop or purse strap as a secure place to keep a lighter close at hand with a long, retractable nylon cord. These products promote the repeated selling of lighters (not included) and should be on display near lighters and smoking accessories. 

30 count displays are 6.25 inches tall and have a small 4 inch square footprint. Displays come complete with barcode and variable price stickers. Each case contains 240 Lighter Leashes®.

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