How does BulkBarProducts.com offer FREE shipping on these items?

We deal in volume and we are the manufacturer of the majority of our goods, so we're able to provide the consumer with the absolute best pricing on the products and free shipping. We've found that many of our customers can save thousands of dollars for their business every year by buying a BulkLOAD of products and saving on shipping. We gladly ship free for full Bulk orders anywhere in the continental U.S. 


How much volume is a full BulkLOAD?

A full BulkLOAD is approximately 0.75 cubic meters of product. We package our BulkLOADs as efficiently as possible to maximize savings for our end users. You can mix and match items in your BulkLOad to equal a full complete BulkLOAD for free shipping. Feel free to keep adding products past 100% and we will ship all of them for free. This number is subject to change. While we used to offer a full BulkLOAD at 1.0 cubic meter, we've reduced this volume to give customers the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of free shipping without meeting the original volume requirements.


Can I ship my BulkLOAD internationally?

Yes and no. While we will gladly ship any shipment within the continental U.S. (both under bulk load Pay-For-Shipping orders and full BulkLOAD Orders), we will not ship directly to International locations. That said, we will gladly ship to your freight forwarder and you can have them ship anywhere that they ship.


Why is there 3 ways to get free shipping?

Due to the nature of our product selection, we wanted to give you, the customer, the most versatile shopping experience while retaining free shipping within the continental United States. This means that you can mix and match cases of products until you reach one of our free shipping requirements. We can ship you a BulkLOAD by meeting the size (cubic meters), weight (lbs) or dollar amount requirements for each order. 


How is shipping calculated?

If you are logged in and have an account, our shipping calculator gives an approximate ground shipping cost based on your ship-to zip code. If you are not logged in or do not have an account, this shipping estimate is based on shipping your order from Largo, Florida (Zip: 33771) to Las Vegas, Nevada.This is an estimate only. When you check out, actual shipping will be calculated for you if you do not meet the required minimums for our FREE SHIPPING program.


What if I want to buy less than a case, or other bar or restaurant items?

BulkLOAD was never meant to be a one stop shop for every version of every bar and restaurant tool. What it was built for is a place for bars and restaurants (and others who need these supplies) to mix and match full cases of supplies to save money both on the products themselves and on shipping.

If you would like to order less than the minimums (say, a single piece instead of a case/box of something), you may check out our sister sites BarProducts.com or BarSupplies.com .


How do you calculate your pricing?

Others pricing is pricing that you would normally pay for the item if you were to purchase it from a distributor, retailer or someone else on the internet. These prices fluctuate constantly but are a good indication of what others may charge for a similar item and how much you can save by purchasing in BulkLOAD.


Why does it matter if I'm a commercial or residential customer?

Whether you are a commercial or residential address matters in how you are charged for shipping. All carriers (Fedex, UPS, LTL, etc.) charge more to deliver to a residence than a business. This is due to their business models. We charge a $75 fee for full BulkLOADs to deliver to residential addresses. Typically this fee is actually LESS than we are being charged by the carrier. We retain some of these costs to keep your prices low.  For less than BulkLOAD, we charge the UPS standard upcharge.


Why does it ask if I have a forklift or loading dock?

This question helps us determine the best method for getting your BulkLOAD to you. If you have a forklift or loading dock, you pay less for delivery because most any truck could deliver to you. If you don't, we may have to send a special truck with a lift gate to offload your delivery. At times, we ship on a pallet or skid to keep the overall shipping costs down. If you answer this question incorrectly, not only may we not be able to deliver your goods to you but you may be hit with a surcharge/convenience charge by us (as we are charged by the carrier) to re-send out a truck capable of unloading. Please answer this truthfully to avoid any issues with your order being delivered. Currently, the charge for a lift gate is $75.00.


Why does it ask if I want inside delivery?

Inside delivery is a service that some trucking companies offer. The driver may offer this service to you for an additional fee if you'd like your order brought into your facility instead of leaving it in your driveway/sidewalk/etc. There is a charge for this service and we will bill you if you request it. Most choose to pass on this service as the cost (Currently $150/delivery) tends to be very high for the convenience of the service.


What forms of payment do you take?

We currently take Credit Card, Paypal, Check/Money Order and Purchase Orders.

Credit Card, Paypal - All ship within a few days of your order being placed.

Check - Once we receive your check, we typically hold it for 10 to 14 days to confirm the check is valid and then release your order.

Purchase Orders - We will take a purchase order (NET30) from anyone who is pre-approved. To be pre-approved, please contact 727-584-2093 and ask for Jennifer Rimkus. We may ask that you place a few orders with us on a credit card and provide credit references before terms are established. This process can take 30 days or more so if you are in a hurry for your order, consider having this set up for future orders but paying by Credit Card while your terms status is reviewed.


I want an exact re-order of a previous order. What's the best way to do that?

To set up an exact re-order, log into your account, click ORDER HISTORY, find the order in the list and click RE-ORDER. Your previous order will be loaded back into your BulkLOAD cart module. You may add additional products at this time.


What if I want a sample of an item?

We understand that not everyone wants a full case of an item they've never used, or are unfamiliar with. It's because of this that we offer samples of almost all of our products. You pay a small amount for the sample and UPS shipping. These ship out within 2 business days. To order a sample, look for the SAMPLE button in the bottom right corner of each item.

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