BarConic Stainless Steel Fine Mesh Cocktail Strainer - CASE OF 12

BarConic Stainless Steel Fine Mesh Cocktail Strainer - CASE OF 12


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This top-selling BarConic® fine mesh strainer is a must-have item throughout the bartending industry for any professional bartender.    These mesh strainers come complete with a sleek and stylish polished rim and handle that gives it a trendy finished look.  Fine mesh strainers are the perfect tool to help you double strain and keep your drinks free of any small bits of fruit and ice chips.  The shape of these strainers provides a large enough capacity for quick and efficient straining; they strain beverages faster than your typical strainer.  A must-have tool for anyone with a keen interest in mixology, our mesh strainers fit inside both large and standard mixing glasses.  Picking the right strainer is an integral part of creating a proper drink; our stainless steel BarConic® fine mesh strainers ensure a consistently smooth drink every time.  The extra tight woven design of this strainer provides a more thorough strain for those cocktails that may contain tiny pieces of debris.  The BarConic® fine mesh strainer is the perfect finishing touch for any cocktail and a necessity for any barware collection. 

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