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Why does it matter if I'm a commercial or residential customer?

Whether you are a commercial or residential address matters in how you are charged for shipping. All carriers (Fedex, UPS, LTL, etc.) charge more to deliver to a residence than a business. This is due to their business models. We charge a $75 fee for full BulkLOADs to deliver to residential addresses. Typically this fee is actually LESS than we are being charged by the carrier. We retain some of these costs to keep your prices low.  For less than BulkLOAD, we charge the UPS standard upcharge.


Why does it ask if I have a forklift or loading dock?

This question helps us determine the best method for getting your BulkLOAD to you. If you have a forklift or loading dock, you pay less for delivery because most any truck could deliver to you. If you don't, we may have to send a special truck with a lift gate to offload your delivery. At times, we ship on a pallet or skid to keep the overall shipping costs down. If you answer this question incorrectly, not only may we not be able to deliver your goods to you but you may be hit with a surcharge/convenience charge by us (as we are charged by the carrier) to re-send out a truck capable of unloading. Please answer this truthfully to avoid any issues with your order being delivered. Currently, the charge for a lift gate is $75.00.


Why does it ask if I want inside delivery?

Inside delivery is a service that some trucking companies offer. The driver may offer this service to you for an additional fee if you'd like your order brought into your facility instead of leaving it in your driveway/sidewalk/etc. There is a charge for this service and we will bill you if you request it. Most choose to pass on this service as the cost (Currently $150/delivery) tends to be very high for the convenience of the service.


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